SynapseIndia Noida Office Building

SynapseIndia Noida Office BuildingSynapseIndia, the premier IT company, is committed to health & wellbeing of its employees at first place. Healthy certified building of SynapseIndia Noida protect employees from electromagnetic radiations generated from Mobile Phones, Computers and other personal Electronic Gadgets.

Electromagnetic radiation can cause some serious health hazards in employees such as Headaches, Dizziness, Nausea & Fatigue, as well as Brain Tumor and Cancer in extreme cases. At SynapsIndia, we care for our employees and make sure that we provide them with safe & healthier working conditions.

To protect our employees from radiation and improve the wellness at workplace, SynapseIndia management has taken the initiative to install anti-radiation chips at all our Noida offices.

The process started with detailed analysis for existing radiations and energies present in the environment with the help of scientific instruments, followed by the installation of Copper microchips at the required locations to change the energy flow.

These microchips make the environment more positive and reduce the  risk of illness and stress levels at workplace. The impact of the this process is reviewed in every 6 months on personal health, interpersonal relationships, individual and company performance.

We put a strong emphasis on work & life balance. Besides healthy work environment, SynapseIndia jobs benefits include competitive salary, performance bonuses, flexible timings and more.

If you’re an IT professional, and want to work in a healthy & supportive work environment, you need to checkout SynapseIndia career opportunities. To apply for a job with us, get in touch with SynapseIndia recruitment team.


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